Power Flush


What is a Power flush


A Power Flushing is a process of removing or ‘flushing out’ accumulated ‘sludge’ deposits from central heating systems caused from a mixture of  air, water with limescale and a mixture of metals, this build up is inevitable coating pipes and blocking the radiators.and can cause a variety of issues with your boiler, because of this your pump will have to work harder to deliver heat and hot water throughout the system.

Leaving this sludge will result in costly repairs and even the total break down of your heating. 

Power Flushing is the only sure way of clearing your system of the sludge. 

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When should a power flush be considered ?

Central heating problems which indicate your heating system requires radiator power flushing are:

boiler and radiator

  • System slow to heat up
  • Boiler making a knocking or banging noise
  • The radiators have cold spots
  • It takes a long time for the system to warm up
  • Noisy pump or repeated pump failure
  • Small leaks coming from the radiators, pipe work or unions
  • Inconsistent or no hot water
  • Poor water flow from hot taps
  • Boiler keeps cutting out
  • Dirty water in radiators checked through bleeding a radiator
  • Evidence of sludge and rust in the system

What is the Benefit of having a Power Flush


save money

* Better circulation

* Extended lifespan of heating system

* Greater efficiency & warmer home

* Cheaper running costs

* Minimise boiler warranty problems

* Quieter system

* Rust & Lime Scale Protection



How we carry out a power flush clean

The Power Flush process is quite simple and is usually carried out in a day dependent on the number of radiators at the properties.

The simplest way to explain what we do is that we use a power flushing unit that is connected to the central heating system. A special chemical solution is pumped through all the pipes and radiators at high pressure and the powerful magnetic rods of the power flush agitate the chemicals, attracting the metal debris and sludge to loosen all the dirt that has built up inside. and will pass through a Magnaclean magnetic filterWhen the water runs clear,  a chemical inhibitor is then pumped through the pipes which coats and protects the system and helps to prevent the sludge from building up again.


 How long will it take ?

                       Usually a full power flush of around 5 radiators will take approximately half a day

 I am having a new boiler fitted, do I need a power flush?

Yes, boiler manufacturers highly recommend a power flush before the installation of a new boiler. This is because new boilers are more compact and efficient but are more susceptible to damage caused by debris in the system. Installing a new boiler without a power flush can lead to premature failure and may even invalidate the warranty.


 We are specialist in boiler installations click here for more information. Note all new boiler installations should have a power flush at the time of install to clear out the debris collected in the pipes see our latest promotions





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