Legionella Risk Management


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Contaminated water is NOT brought into a property

by the water Provider

Contamination occurs while stored on your property

It is therefore the responsibility of   Management to keep checking and immediately address any issues



What is L8 Testing?water testing


L8 Testing detects the presence of legionellae bacterium, particularly legionella pneumophila in water systems.  

As a business principle it is your duty to protect your staff and anyone who visits your premises who may become in contact with your water supply system. Therefore, L8 Testing every 90 days is not only paramount in ensuring their safety, but is now law in any building subject to HASAW (Health And Safety At Work) guidelines.



l8 testing


  • L8 Testing is a part of the ACoP (Approved Code of Practice) for the workplace.
  • Legionellae is the most common strain of bacteria responsible in causing Pontiac Fever.
  • If not treated it could cause Legionnaires Disease. This is a form of pneumonia which in some cases can be fatal.
  • This is typically in those with weak immune systems and the elderly.


How do I know whether I need an L8 Test?

Water supply systems susceptible to legionellae growth are typically running at warm temperatures.

However, it can grow in any areas where water can stagnate.

loft water tank

A water storage tank like this is NOT compliant

The most common areas of outbreak are recorded in places with air conditioning, cooling towers, showers, water spas and dental lines cases have also been seen with decorative fountains and other sources of water outlets which can create a ‘spray’ or splash back from taps. This is because the bacteria are transmitted via this spray, or ‘vapour’. It allows the legionellae to be inhaled and attack the respiratory system.

If you have water supply’s/taps that your staff use or have access to via oral sprays, have showers or any other water supply then you are required to ensure these meet the HASAW conditions and keep a detailed log of your results, that is why we use an independent laboratory for all our water testing after the samples have been taken to ensure that such an important test is audit traceable should there be any illness or fatality attributed as a result of a visitor to your premises.


what our cust say L8


Audit Checklist


If you have any queries or require further information please do not hesitate to contact us:

Steve Marshall or Joanne Dixon

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